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Shove for Chrome

Your Friends Can Shoot You a Tab on Chrome Using New Extension

Being able to share links over the Internet is pretty easy, but there has been a small group of developers that have found a way to take a few of those steps out of the whole process. Last month Shove was officially released as an extension for the Chrome browser that will let a user open up tabs on someone else’s browsers without any warnings or prompts.

Scary, right?

Once you have installed Shove, you just have to create an account and then add your friends. Once your friends have been added, you will be able to start shoving interesting tabs into their browsers at any time that you want simply by selecting the button that has “Shove” on it. That happens to be located in the right top corner of the screen once you have found the tab that you want to share.

shove extension chrome

If you happen to work with a large group of people on a remote research project, this may be an amazing way that you can share any type of information without having to wait for everyone to click a link that is in a chat room that you are sharing.

It is even a great way to send unwanted content to your friends during important business meetings, which could result in the end of your friend’s job and your friendship.

Mike Lacher spoke to Wired and stated that they thought it would be a dangerous and funny game but once it was built and they played with it, it was less of prank and more of way to share things. Basically, it was a creative conversation, where the domain would be the message or if you wanted to tell your friends no about something, you could simply send them a Google image search, which would make it more interesting.

If you are able to trust your colleagues and friends with this type of extension, it does sound like a bunch of fun as well as a creative way to talk to each other using the whole Internet. The thing is, the tab that you send will become their active tab, no matter what it might be, so you may need to be some sort of privacy contract before you ever put your friends on your list.

You are able to download the Shove extension from the web store on Chrome now.

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