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Watch Netflix with Your Friends on a New Free App

The growth of Netflix and binge watching, watching TV has normally being something for one person alone. That’s good, but if you want to be more social while you are vegging out on your couch watching Netflix alone, you are now covered.

Showgoers happens to be a great Chrome extension that will let you and your friends watch the same Netflix show in real time. This extension is simple as it will link up your Netflix account and your friends’ account and will let you send out invitations to your friends, asking if they want to join a stream. Showgoers is the perfect way to have a movie party, well at least a virtual one when you can’t be together.


The watching party is easy to get to, all you have to do is to click the play or pause button or to seek during the show and it will do the same thing on everyone else’s Netflix. When the players are linked together, you are able to focus on sharing the experience during real time.

Setting up is very simple too

Once you install the plug-in from the Web Store on Chrome, your Netflix player will have a pair of 3D glasses in the top right hand corner when you hover over a program and it will bring up the play controls.

If you click the glasses, you will have the option to start sharing with your friends. Simply confirm and get a URL that you will share with your friends who have the same plug-in.

Once your friends have accepted the invitation by clicking the link, you will be able to use Netflix as you do normally. Only now everyone that you have invited is seeing what you are. It is a nice feature to have, especially if you are sick and can’t leave your home for a viewing party.

The creator of Showgoers made this app when he was in a long distance relationship. It was an effort to diversify shared experiences. Him and his partner learned that it was fun skyping and watching Netflix together and they grew tired of the count down and pressing play to be able to sync the players. Since Showgoers was created, this doesn’t need to happen anymore.

Syncing via Showgoers isn’t a way to get around geographical restrictions. Basically, you both must be able to watch the show in order for syncing to work.

Try it right now, download Showgoers from Chrome Web Store.


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