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Tips on How to Use Firefox 40 with Windows 10 Better

Recently Mozilla released Firefox 40, which looks amazing on Windows 10, but it also has some pretty cool advantages over Chrome and Microsoft Edge. If you’re planning to use Firefox on Windows 10, then here are the tips for using it with the new OS.

Setting up Firefox as your default browser

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While you are able to use settings to configure your Firefox as the default browser, to make full use of Firefox for all the defaults, you need to use Set default programs in the control panel. Select the application you want as your default and then choose Set the program as default.

Making Firefox work on a high-DPI display

firefox high dpi

One of the largest issues with Windows web browsers is that they can deal with high-DPI displays such as the Quad HD+ that comes on the Dell XPS 13 differently and often pretty poorly too. Chrome is a borderline when it comes to displays. While Edge handles these quite well, it’s missing a lot of features that you cannot use. Firefox has a hidden scaling feature that will make it look best on any high-DPI display, and you should make use of it to make the browser usable for anyone on any device.

Here is what you have to do. First, access the secret advanced settings list and change a single settings value. In order to do this type about:config in the address bar and go past the void warranty box. Then, in the search box, type layout.css.devPixelsPerPx. This is normally set to -1 by default.

You should try changing the values by .25 until you find the one that works well with your eyes on your device.

Using Firefox search engine with Cortana or Windows Search

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Many people are intrigued by the fact that Firefox users can use their default browsers search as the default search in Windows as well. This means that whatever you search with Cortana or Windows Search, the results will come from your preferred search engine and not Bing.

This will happen automatically if you configure Firefox as your default browser. If you like using Bing with Cortana, then you will be able to disable this feature by going to Options and then going to the search. Simply uncheck Use this search engine for searches from Windows.

Enabling tab previews

firefox tab previews

Former IE users know that one of the best browser features is tab previews. Firefox is like Chrome and Edge by default, and there is a way to enable tab previews by going to Options, and then General. Just select Show Tab Previews.

Taking advantage of the normal Firefox features

Besides the Windows 10 stuff, make sure that you check out what really makes Firefox so special, such as their add-on infrastructure, themes, and customization capabilities, especially when it comes to your toolbar. Firefox is the most fully and easily customizable browser on the market today.

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