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Best extensions for Opera 2016

6 Useful Opera Extensions

Opera isn’t as popular as Chrome or Firefox, but it does have advantages, and simplicity is one of them. And just like other browsers, it has useful extensions to better your browsing experience. One of the great tools that Opera has is Speed Dial. It shows up when you open a new tab and has plenty of shortcuts to all of your favorite sites and other items. The extensions are specific to that area and will enhance your surfing experience.

Checking email

Opera extension - Outlook for Speed Dial

Gmail on Speed Dial will give you a view of your inbox so that you can see the subject and the sender of your most recent messages. This applies to the categories as well, so if you use Primary, Social, Updates, and Promotions tabs, you will see all the recent unread emails, no matter how they get sorted.

Outlook also works with Speed Dial: this one will show you the number of new emails that you have in your inbox. You will see subject lines, and clicking on the extension will take you to your inbox (but not directly to a specific email). Outlook for Speed Dial also has configurable settings to set the frequency of checks for new email and the color of the interface.

RSS feeds

Opera extensions - RSS feed

RSS Speed Dial will allow you to enter the RSS feeds for all of your favorite websites. Setting it up is quite simple, and you can configure the story limit per feed, update interval, and slide duration. The interface will display article titles, the first few sentences, and the date it was posted. Clicking on the RSS feed will take you directly to the article. All in all, this Opera extension is great for staying up-to-date on the latest news and trends.

Working the net

Opera extension - Photo Tagger

One Opera extension that will come in handy is Photo Tagger − it will show you a gallery of photos that you have saved from different sites.  Once installed, you will notice a gold star whenever you hover in the corner of an image that you like. Just right-click it and select Tag. Then, whenever you visit your Speed Dial area, you will be able to see a gallery of photos that you have tagged.

Alarm-Clock-Dial is another great extension to have for Opera. With it, you can set long-term and short-term alarms. Alarm tone and color theme can be changed, and once you have the time set, you will hear the alarm beep once the time is up. It’s a useful tool to have if you need to remember something that you might forget.

Odds and ends

Opera extension - Gold Box Amazon

Amazon Gold Box is great if you happen to be a shopper who is constantly searching for the best deals on Amazon. This extension will show you the latest Gold Box deals available, along with a brief description and price. Clicking on an item will take you straight to the Amazon page, so you can make your purchases quickly.

Hungry for more recommendations? Check out other articles to learn how to cross-platform install add-ons and the best way to manage extensions. Don’t hesitate to tell us about any other useful Opera extensions in the comments below!

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