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How to Use Private Browsing in Safari on Latest OS X

We all know and love native OS X browser Safari, but for years it has been lacking decent private browsing feature. However, with latest OS X updates it came to an end. Modern Safari allows users to have private browsing mode turned on while browsing in separate windows.

If you remember, it was a burden to use Safari’s private browsing mode before. Whenever you wanted to turn it on, the browser changed all your open tabs and windows. What a hassle it was!

But now Safari allows you to open a new window in private mode while keeping the other in normal mode, with all your tabs intact.

How to turn on private browsing mode in Safari for OS X

Here’s two simple ways to turn it on:

1. Open menu File and then choose the command New Private Window.

How to enable Safari private browsing

2. Or use this keyboard shortcut: Command+Shift+N.

Here’s how Safari private browsing mode looks like:

Safari Private Browsing Mode Enabled

Safe and private browsing to you! And don’t forget to share your opinion on Safari private browsing mode in comments and like this post.

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