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Top 5 Browsers for iPhone

You may find it baffling that people are unaware that it is possible to change the browser app. Safari is just a built-in app that comes with most of the Apple devices. Do not think that it is not good enough, because it is, and there have been plenty of important updates in the last couple of years.

So, why would you want to stick with a stock option when you can choose from multiple other browsers? This seems to be the case with regard to desktop users, who have flocked to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recently. Though people are sticking with Safari, and most of us have no clue why. For those who are unsure of whether a different browser will suit them more, check out the list of top 5 browsers that we made for you.


chrome ios

Try as you might, you cannot find much fault in Chrome when you are looking for a third-party browser that can be accessed across multiple devices. The browser does stand taller than the other competitors, and despite being slightly bloated, it more than holds its own against the sleeker browsers that are out there.

The great thing about using Chrome is that it supports multiple platforms. You can download something to your computer and then access it via your phone in the Chrome app. You can sync the two platforms and then you will have access to your passwords, bookmarks, and browser tabs. If you use other Google services like Drive or Gmail, then this browser is what you need.

Download Chrome

Dolphin Web Browser

dolphin ios

Many people can remember using Dolphin when it first came out and became a great alternative mobile browser. It is very versatile and available on various platforms, meaning that if you have an Android tablet, iPhone, and a Windows phone, you are able to use this browser and sync it across the devices so that you can have what you want when you need it. The browsing experience is elegant and simple, and there are plenty of accessibility features that make it stand out.

Download Dolphin Web Browser


ghostery ios

Ghostery is a great example of a browsing app that is all about increasing your security and allowing you to browse with more freedom, while leaving a smaller footprint. Most of the sites that you access daily track your movements, register what you are looking for and try to use this information to sell something to you. This goes for companies such as Google and Amazon, but it does not stop there. Ghostery will shroud over your browsing and allow you to surf without the feeling of being watched.

Download Ghostery

Opera Mini web browser

opera ios

Opera Mini is considered one of the best browsers around, providing video compression features and simplicity, which backs the claim. It positions itself as the best lightweight option on the market, and quite successfully. It is also the fastest browser we have seen, and has excellent data consumption figures. The best thing about this browser is the on-screen keyboard that sets it apart from all the other browsers.

Download Opera Mini web browser

Puffin Browser Pro

puffin ios

One of the biggest issues that most iPhone users have is data plan usage. Those that connect via 3G have their data plans set up, and there is no way to tell just how much a site impacts that, especially when it is loaded and reloaded without caching. Then, you have to add in the heavy bandwidth usage that comes from streaming videos. Puffin is great because it will compress the data that you have accessed, so you can lower your data usage and speed up your browsing when you are on the go.

Download Puffin Browser Pro

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