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Tab Groups Helper Firefox extension

This Extension Makes Firefox’s Tab Groups Even Better

For those of you who are finding the default tab groups in Firefox somewhat confusing, you should use Tab Groups Helper extension. It is much more streamlined and offers simple keyboard shortcuts for switching to different groups. We should mention that Tab Groups Helper is a whole lot quicker too!

Tab Groups Helper screenshot 1

Let’s say you have several different tabs open at the same time and then you decide to group them together. All you have to do is open Tab Groups Helper by right clicking on its tab. Next, you’ll need to choose the option from the context menu that works best for you. It offers many options such as: show all groups, manage groups, quick start one of the groups already opened, or start a new group.

Tab Groups Helper screenshot 2

By using Tab Groups Helper you will not be distracted when opening a group of tabs because the extension has cleared all of the unnecessary stuff on your tab bar. It actually has a tab feature that functions as a quick search engine in case there are a lot of tabs already opened. The interface is designed so that the groups are in columns and it lets you drag and drop wherever you would like to put it.

Tab Groups Helper screenshot 3

It even lets you switch between the tab groups by clicking Alt + (the tab’s number) since the tab groups are numbered, it’s similar to using keyboard shortcuts. Tab Groups Helper functions more like it is a sessions manager since it doesn’t give the ability to save particular groups infinitely. However, with all the different functions that Tab Groups Helper has to offer it’s well worth taking the time to download and learn it.

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