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Sidebar Extensions Come to Opera’s Desktop Browser

If you are an Opera user, then you may have been hoping for new features like sidebar extensions. If you have, then they are finally here. Opera made the announcement that they are going to be adding support for sidebar extensions in their newest desktop browser versions.

opera sidebar

If you wanted to be able to use one of your extensions without leaving a page, now you can just do that. You no longer have to leave the current page in order to use your features!

The available extensions are not overwhelming, because this is a new feature. Currently there are 25 extensions available. However, they are popular and useful, including TweetDeck, Google’s Keep (for taking notes) and a funny Recently Closed Tabs extensions. In the future there will be more extensions added as well.

In addition to the sidebar extensions features, the newest update of Opera’s browser provides and updated menu providing you the ability to rearrange tabs in the order that they had been used. More than that, there is a section where users will be able to view opened tabs in the instance of Opera being operated on other devices.

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