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Safari technology preview

Safari Technology Preview Has New Useful Features for iOS and OS X

Now available for download on Apple’s website, Safari technology preview is available for installation on Mac computers. Currently, the preview is only available for OS X, but Apple has said the software provides a sneak peek at imminent web technologies we can expect to see in both OS X and iOS.

Highlights of the Safari technology preview

Included are the most current visual effects, developer tools, and layout techniques. Users of the preview can give feedback about how these features are put into practice, which helps Apple make the experience with Safari better for all devices.

Get sneak peeks of the newest web tech

Check out the most recent advances in web technologies for Safari, including CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. The latest version of WebKit, Safari’s rendering engine, is also included in Safari technology preview.

Receive easy updates

Safari technology preview can be updated directly from the Mac App Store. Occurring every couple of weeks, updates include the latest improvements and additions to WebKit.

Gain access to powerful tools for developers

You can optimize, debug, and modify your websites using the more recent version of the impressive Responsive Design Mode and Web Inspector.

Give feedback

Send feedback to Apple directly regarding any issues or requests for enhancements. To do this while in Safari technology preview, just choose Report an issue in the Help menu.

Run it simultaneously with Safari

Safari technology preview features

A standalone app, Safari technology preview can work alongside Safari’s current version, allowing you to reference and use the latest release.

Use iCloud to surf seamlessly

Safari technology preview makes use of iCloud so you’re able to easily access your bookmarks, Reading List, and current Safari favorites.

Stay up-to-date

With the WebKit blog, you’ll stay updated on recent developments in CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

The software is currently available to the general public on Apple’s website for developers. While Safari technology preview‘s only intended purpose is testing, anyone with OS X10.11.4 or later can download and install it.

Have you installed Safari technology preview already? Tell us in the comments below and check out 5 Safari tips that you need to know and learn how to sort bookmarks automatically in Safari.

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