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Safari extensions

Safari Extensions for Great Productivity

Extensions happen to be a great way to bring new features to your Safari browser and even enhance your browsing experience. You will be able to customize it by adding new extensions, most of which can help you to keep productive during your school year. Here’s the top 5 for staying productive.


If you wished that there were a way to save a file directly to Dropbox without having to save it to your computer first, Horsey came to save you. It will let you download just about any file straight to Dropbox without having to download it to your computer first, which will save you time.


InstapaperSometimes you may find some article that is awesome but just don’t have the time to read it or watch it. Instapaper will let you save interesting videos and articles from the internet to watch or view later. The content that you save to Instapaper will sync to all of your devices, so you are able to view it anywhere, even if you don’t have internet connection.

Evernote Web Clipper

X Men Apocalypse Evernote

Has there ever been a webpage that you wanted to save for later only to close your tab and then forget what it was? You need this extension. The web clipper will let you save whole webpages, or articles together with all of its images, text and links. It works with an Evernote account, so you are able to go back and read what you saved from any device that has Evernote installed.

Punchtime for Trello

If you happen to be in marketing or business and don’t use Trello, then you’re a strange person. It is also great for students who happen to do a class project together. Believe it or not, Trello is very easy to use and can help you make notes on what needs to be done and who needs to do what.

It is a team post-it note on steroids. It will help to keep you organized, on task with everyone else, and will let your team know what is going on. You are even able to track time and use timers while working. It is great to keep you on track and will even let you know how much time is being used on a project.


MomentumIf you need a bit of extra motivation to get a project done, or perhaps you need to be inspired each time you open a new tab, Momentum will help you. It will help to keep you on track through your day with the homepage replacement. It will keep you motivated and set your main focus for the day and provide you with an inspiring reminder of what you will need to accomplish.

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