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Safari 10 Will Not Support Flash

Safari 10, Apple Inc’s most recent web browser, scheduled to ship out later in the year with OS Sierra, will give preference to HTML 5, disabling common plug-ins for a better web browsing experience.

Silverlight, Adobe Flash, Apple’s own QuickTime, and Java will all be disabled by default.

If a site requires Flash

Adobe Flash

The majority of websites without an HTML5 backup option show a “Flash isn’t installed” message and a link for downloading Flash from Adobe. In Safari, if one of these links is clicked, the browser informs them that the plug-in is installed already and offers to enable it for either one time only or for every time that particular webpage is opened. Other plug-ins are handled similarly.

If a website has an obvious plug-in object directly embedded, Safari will present a Click to use button instead. Once that’s clicked, the user has the option to activate the plug-in one time only, or each time the site is visited. Again, the default is one-time activation.

What happens now

Adobe Flash Player

Because of this change, Apple warns owners of websites that this will have an effect on how people interact with their content, recommending they start employing features that use HTML5, the Media Source Extensions, and Audio Context API.

Flash, the Adobe-created platform, has had a growing movement against it, which now includes Apple. Google, Inc. has also announced that its browser, Chrome, will be taking a similar route, and Microsoft’s browser Edge will only permit Flash to run when it’s a central aspect of a webpage.

Adobe Flash Player's browser support

Flash has been known to cause system degradation by increasing battery use and decreasing system performance. Additionally, since it’s often exploited, Flash is also an enormous risk to security.

For these reasons, any effort to eliminate support for Flash is something we should welcome, though there is obviously a price to be paid by website owners that might be using Flash currently.

What do you think about these changes? Tell us in the comments section below and learn how to use private browsing in Safari and all the details about Apple Pay.

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