September, 2016

August, 2016

  • 31 August

    Office Online Extension for Microsoft Edge

    Edge Office Online

    Microsoft has always promoted the idea that its products are improved and enhanced when two or more are used together. However, the release of the Office Online extension for Microsoft Edge does seem to have limited usefulness. It allows you …

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  • 24 August

    Internet Explorer No Longer Supported by Microsoft: What That Means for You

    Internet Explorer not supported by Microsoft

    This year, Microsoft dropped support for any version of Internet Explorer that isn’t the most recent one for the operating systems it still supports. Essentially, this means that for consumer operating systems, Microsoft now only supports Internet Explorer 11 for …

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  • 17 August

    5 Safari Tips That You Need to Know

    Safari tips

    There are a ton of helpful features in Apple apps. Unless you’ve clicked each button and scoured every menu, it’s likely you’re not making use of the full potential of Safari. Here are five useful tips that will come in …

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  • 9 August

    How to Reset Microsoft Edge

    Reset Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Edge was released fairly recently, and, on occasion, problems may crop up. If you experience crashes, slow performance, or weird appearances of toolbars, popups, or adware while using Edge, you may need to reset it. However, there’s a difference …

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  • 4 August

    How to Sort Bookmarks Alphabetically in Safari

    How to sort Safari bookmarks

    Do you recall the first time you used an internet browser? Wasn’t it great that you had the ability to create bookmarks? Of course, it was needed in those days since no one could remember every URL, and the browsers …

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July, 2016

  • 27 July

    Safari 10 Will Not Support Flash

    Safari browser Flash

    Safari 10, Apple Inc’s most recent web browser, scheduled to ship out later in the year with OS Sierra, will give preference to HTML 5, disabling common plug-ins for a better web browsing experience. Silverlight, Adobe Flash, Apple’s own QuickTime, …

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