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Opera Gets Unlimited Free VPN for Secure Browsing

Recently, Opera managed to add an unlimited and free VPN to their developer edition of the browser. The company has finally brought that same capability to the Opera 40 desktop browser.

While there are some VPN services that actually charge for you to surf anonymously, Opera offers a VPN that is both unlimited and free as well as built right into the browser. There aren’t any restrictions for the bandwidth, but you will have only a few locations to select from whenever you select your VPN endpoint.

So, VPN’s work by giving you a secure as well as encrypted tunnel between a computer and a remote server or website. Opera happens to use a 256-bit encrypted connection. Another main advantage that Netflix users have known about for years is that by selecting another endpoint, you can place yourself in that country and allow access to content that would be off limits.

How the VPN on Opera works

Opera VPN

In order to enable the VPN service, you need to make sure that you have the newest version of Opera. If you don’t see any type of VPN icon within the address bar, then you need to ensure that your VPN option happens to be turned on in the Settings. Simply click on your VPN icon in your address bar to reveal the settings.

You will notice that the VPN service is on and how much data has been used for the month. You can even select from 5 different endpoints such as Germany, Canada, and Singapore. You can even select Optimal endpoint which will let your browser pick the endpoint based on latency, server capacity, network speed and location.

You shouldn’t be surprised if the bandwidth drops once you enable the VPN. It is true that the VPN performance is affected by the roundtrip distance, with the page load times taking a bit of time to load up when it is on.

Is the VPN actually private?

Opera VPN free on iPhone

This seems to be a major concern, especially knowing if your surfing habits will actually be truly anonymous. A Chinese conglomerate recently bought Opera, so there will always be a portion of the internet that truly believe that the Chinese government is watching all Chinese products.

Whenever we asked for a comment, Opera spokesperson stated that the VPN happens to be a no-log service, which means that no data is collected. Since the service is provided by SurfEasy, which happens to be a Canadian company that has not be bought by the Chinese conglomerate, it means that SurfEasy is under a strict Canadian privacy law.

Even though Opera has been bought by a Chinese company, the browser will be owned by a Norwegian company that will act under European and Norwegian privacy laws. This means that there are a lot of strict regulations regarding any use of private data.

So, will you have to use the VPN in the new Opera browser? No. Even though the performance penalties that suggest you to enable the VPN for 24 hours, 7 days a week just don’t make sense. So, just use it when you need to. Combining private browsing with the VPN is a great assurance that none of your activities online will not be tracked.

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