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opera mini review

Opera Mini Review

Most of us take for granted the unlimited or high data plans that are out there, so it is easy to forget that it is not like that for everyone in the world. The actual truth is that a metered plan is more common than an unlimited plan. And that means that being frugal with your data is a must.

When it comes to saving data, Opera comes to mind first. You may not need to compress all of your data, but if you spend a lot of time on the web, then Opera Mini is something that you should be looking at.

This browser has been around for a while and it is becoming more and more refined as the years pass. The extra advantage for Android users is that you can set it as your default browser.

So what is it? What makes it so special? After all, there are plenty of browsers to choose from.

As mentioned before, it is a browser that has data compression in it which lets you browse the web without wasting your gigabytes. You do not have to use data saving modes, but if you happen to be using Opera Mini, it is probably what you want.

opera mini savings

You have two modes of data saving – High and Extreme. The High mode was used for this review, and it managed to save 68% of the data. Only 4MB were received out of 12MB, which is quite significant.

What is great about this browser is that you can fine-tune your experience to go beyond the presets when it comes to the images. Let us be honest here, images are the biggest culprit of excessive data consumption. If you want to see them at a higher quality, you will be able to do so with Opera Mini.

To make it even more impressive, the high quality setting was enabled during the trial run, and we still got 88% savings. Opera Mini is doing nothing short of witchcraft.

opera mini extreme

It has also been mentioned that this type of browsing does have some consequences. It is important to know that when you are using Opera Mini, there will be some sites that will not load right, giving you a jumbled meaningless mess of text and links. There are some sites that will not even load at all and tell you to use a different browser. This tends to happen in Extreme mode.

Luckily, this is rare, but it is something that you should keep in mind. Most of the time, you will get a solid mobile browsing experience.

What else do you get besides data compression? It is a browser, after all, so you can expect certain features from it, and for the most part Opera Mini does cover all the bases. If you have an Opera log, you should enter it into your Opera Mini and then sync your data across all of your browsers.

opera private mode

Of course, you get your bookmarks and the ability to save offline pages for reading without using Pocket, which is quite nice. On the speed dial page, you will even get a selection of top current news stories with a few ads. Opera has to pay the bills just like we do. There are also other regular browser features, such as page search, history, and sharing. All of them are quickly accessible by tapping on the Opera logo in the bottom right-hand corner. There is also private browsing, which allows you to switch between the tabs.

There is a night mode that helps to reduce eye strain.

Opera Mini also lets you handle multiple downloads at once in the background and gives you a simple way to get them inside your browser.

opera mini facebook

Plus, Opera Mini is great for Facebook junkies. The Facebook web app is not that bad these days, and with Opera Mini you can save your data and be social at the same time. Since the Facebook app can devour your data, if you log into Facebook via Opera Mini, you will be able to get your notifications from the browser without having to go to the app.

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