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Opera Introduces Subscription Service for Android Apps

Opera, a Norway-based software company, has released a subscription service called Opera Apps Club. It will include premium Android apps and have a Netflix style to it.

Users will gain an unlimited amount of downloads of premium Android apps once joining the Opera Apps Club. The subscription can be payed using the operator’s billing system.

Opera are hoping that their new service will make apps available to more people who would not be able to access premium mobile apps otherwise, especially within a market that has a low credit and debit card penetration.

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Additionally, Opera Apps Club will provide users with a “highly customized” option for each of the users too. Opera’s introduction is the result of the acquisition of Bemobi that provided a game and mobile app subscription-based platform in Latin America.

So far, the service has went live in 19 countries around the world and has partnered with 34 wireless carriers, as well as two smartphone OEMs located in Latin America and Brazil. There are plans to continue expanding around the globe under Opera in the following year.

Bemobi CEO Pedro Ripper stated that “Opera Apps Club was designed for high scalability and for being able to accommodate additional business growth in the future. By using Opera’s global footprint as leverage, we are able to provide services that offer benefits to the users, app developers and operators around the world.”

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With over six million subscribers to the Opera Apps Club, the company states that it “offers developers an effective channel through which they are able to release their apps and monetize them around the world. It provides carriers with a relevant service that is highly engaging, and that they can provide for users and increase future revenue.”

The largest mobile operator in Vietnam, Viettel, has reportedly partnered with Opera in the last month to release an app store that will provide data subscribers an unlimited amount of downloads for a weekly flat rate of VND 10,000 ($0.45 USD).

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