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Opera 30

Opera 30 Lets You View Tabs Easier, Restore Bookmarks, And Get Sidebar Extensions

Mobile web is growing and more people are getting online with tablets and phones. For that there are several mobile browser options out there.

Nonetheless, laptops and desktops are still important. You use computers for work, study, research, and more. So desktop Opera is being continuously worked on.

Opera 30 will bring you multi-tasking with sidebar extensions, better tab management and more ways to restore or remove your bookmarks.

Switch between your tabs quicker

If you do a lot of research online, then you may find yourself in a situation where you have dozens of tabs that are open and you need to switch between them. Now you will be able to switch between them faster. Opera 30 will let you switch your tabs in chronological order using tab previews, which give you visual tab cycler. You will be able to finish what you are doing faster with a lot less keystrokes.

switch tabs opera

Customize with sidebar extensions

Multi-tasking can be a hard habit, especially if you are trying to accomplish more in less time. Although, sometimes you will need to compare results or to even see something to squeeze in more information. This is why Opera 30 now has sidebar extensions that will give you more flexibility but it also gives you more space to keep being effective. You can write notes, tweet on the go, or have a media player. Give them a try and see what works for you.

Restoring your bookmarks or deleting them permanently with a trash folder

There are times that you will bookmark something and then you may think that you don’t need it and you delete it. Opera 30 has a new trash folder for bookmarks that will let you restore anything that you may have accidentally removed.

Security Fix

With the recent logjam attack, Opera 30 has fixed it and now the browser is completely safe.

Yes, desktops are doing great. Tablets haven’t killed PC’s yet and they are still entertaining pieces of equipment to use. Desktops don’t depend on other devices, they actually depend on your needs and what you plan to use it for. It doesn’t matter what device you have connected to.

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