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‘OK Google’ Voice Search Dropped by Chrome

If you feel like you are screaming at your screen next time you try to get your voice search by saying “Ok Google”, don’t freak out. The latest Google Chrome 46 has removed the search trigger with your voice on Linux, Mac and Windows platforms.

Since Chrome 35 was introduced, you have been able to search by using your voice. You just had to say “OK Google” when you were on a new tab or on the Google homepage. Chrome 46 will make you click the colorful microphone in order to do this now. The microphone is located in the Google search bar and will allow you to do a voice search.

Google removed the feature because there was very few users that were actually using it. People were worried about their privacy as well. They worried about Google being able to listen into their conversations if “OK” and “Google” were said close together. Having a full keyboard does make it much easier to search by typing than with your voice.

The “OK Google” feature is still available on Chromebooks and mobile platforms. The feature even works on some Android models but only with the Google search app and not with Chrome 46. It doesn’t work with the iPhone, either.

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