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Microsoft Brings WebVR Support to Edge Browser

Microsoft has reported that they plan to bring WebVR support to the Edge browser, which is the Windows 10 default browser and beats out Internet Explorer.

WebVR is a draft web specification that is currently in development by Google, Mozilla, and others that are working to allow the viewing and seamless hosting of VR content straight from the web. Now, Microsoft is working on implementing this into the Edge browser, which was announced on the company’s official blog. Edge joins Firefox, Chrome, and Opera which have all been working on making WebVR a default aspect of their browsers.

There is 3D content support for WebVR already, such as Sketchfab which allows people to view scenes within the VR headset which a single click, given you are using a browser that supports it.

How WebVR will work with Edge

Microsoft Edge WebVR

Additionally, WebVR uses WebGL, which is a widely supported API that renders 3D content within browsers. WebVR’s goal is to develop a connection directly between the browser and VR headsets, which could enable a seamless and high performance experience to the user from right inside the website.

With modern browsers, Internet Explorer had created a bad reputation in performance with web standards lacking compatibility. Meanwhile, modern browsers such as Chrome and Firefox have started putting an emphasis on innovation and performance. Internet Explorer had tanked in this area, with a distant third place.

What about Internet Explorer?


Microsoft gave Internet Explorer and massive upgrade and Edge was born, and it seems that Edge focuses on fixing various criticism that was given in the past, as well as giving more support to web standards, performance and simplicity. The company also announced that WebVR support in Edge has developed out of this, which indicates they want Edge to remain one of the modern browsers. This leaves Safari, Apple’s browser as the only major browser not yet supporting WebVR development.

Microsoft Edge is also the browser that Xbox One uses. This means that a feature that could be possible in the future is that the Xbox version of the Edge browser may even support WebVR, which could make the Microsoft console the first for supporting WebVR. That would go along with the company’s plans for Xbox supporting VR in the future.

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