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Microsoft Declares Edge the Most Battery-Effective Browser

There are not shortages for heated battles in the tech industry. Just this week, headlines included Verizon Versus NYC, Mobileye versus Tesla, and Apple versus headphone jack fans. Microsoft didn’t want to be left in the corner, so they jumped in over, browser battery life.

Back in June, Microsoft had reported that the Edge browser provides better battery life compared to its rival browsers. Windows 10 recently used various test rounds with the anniversary update, concluding that “Microsoft Edge has become more efficient than ever before, and when it comes to extending battery life on Windows 10, still the best choice.”

Microsoft also used four Surface Books back in June for testing, streaming HD video wirelessly using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Edge. The results put Edge in the lead for average power consumption, with Chrome being second, followed by Opera using the battery saver mode and then Firefox.

Opera disagrees with results

Microsoft Edge battery life

However, when asking Opera it says that Microsoft is full of crap. “When and if beat in a test such as this, we consider it to be a bug,” said the company early this summer.

Google also provided a similar reaction, pointing to battery enhancements for Chrome 53, which they report reduces battery drainage greatly in comparison to Chrome 46 that was released in 2015. “Chrome has experienced double-digit improvements over the past year, including battery life and speed. These assist in getting things done faster, which we thought people would like with the update,” said Google.

In a response, Microsoft had recreated the test using Vimeo rather than Netflix. The results came out to be nearly the same as before, with Edge lasting 69% longer compared to Firefox, 45% longer than Chrome, and 23% longer compared to Opera using battery saving mode.

Microsoft Edge browser

Jason Weber, Microsoft’s Director of Web Platform Team stated “The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has made Edge more efficient than it ever was before.” It has led to an overall efficiency increase of 12%.

Also, Microsoft has released its lab test as open-source on GitHub and full methodology of the video tests were published too, allowing anyone – even the rivals – to reproduce them. Weber said “It does not matter which test is used, the results will be the same, that Edge allows you to browse and watch for a longer period, which leads to getting more out of the device without stressing over outlets.”

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