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LastPass for Firefox

It can get hard to remember all of your login information for all of your accounts, and it can get harder to restore all of your forgotten or lost passwords. LastPass is a great software utility that can help you to store your passwords within a secure environment. This Firefox add-on will help you to connect to your favorite social networks and all other platforms without you having to continuously provide your login information each time that you want to log in.

The GUI happens to be modern and clean, and it allows the user to perform multiple actions with very little effort. Before you run the application, you are required to create an account by giving an email and master password. It even allows users to import their passwords from Firefox.

Lastpass for Firefox


It is even possible to add URLs and to define which actions are done for each webpage, as it is possible to make the program to never generate a password and fill forms for a certain URL.

You can even add information about each site by specifying a name, username, password, group and URL. It is even possible to add in notes or mark a site as favorite. Auto-login option can also be disabled. The data included within the newly created database can then be edited, deleted or you can share it with your friends.


LastPass can even help you to create a secure list for various categories for bank accounts, driver’s license, email accounts, credit cards, instant messengers, and much more.

The application is also able to analyze data stored within your database and give you tips about increasing your passwords security.

LastPass can fill the web pages out with just one click. To do that, you normally have to provide the information, such as name, language, contact, credit cards, personal and bank account information. You can even add personal notes and create custom fields, multiple identities and drop sites, notes, and form fills for each profile. The built-in search feature will ensure that you can find the login information quickly.

With all things considered, it is safe to say that LastPass proves to be a great software solution when it comes to storing any login information into a secure database. It packs a lot of useful options that make it great for beginners and experts.

Download LastPass for Firefox now >> LastPass Password Manager

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