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5 Honest Things That the Internet Explorer Team Wants You to Know

For some time now, Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s internet browser, has been a program that people have loved to hate.

In a session of Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything,” the Internet Explorer team provided both amusing and honest answers about their wish to change how Internet Explorer is perceived.

Here are 5 things they revealed during the online chat.

1. They thought about re-branding

Internet Explorer rebranding

With sleek competition like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the team discussed that within the company, they had considered re-branding Internet Explorer.

Reportedly, there was an email thread where the topic was passionately debated by numerous people, many of whom wished to separate from all the negative perceptions.

2. Cakes for competitors

Mozilla cake

Embracing friendly competition, the teams from Internet Explorer and Mozilla have celebrated different achievements by sending cakes to each other.

Most recently, the Internet Explorer team received a cake in celebration of Internet Explorer 10 shipping.

The tradition was started when the Internet Explorer team sent a marble chocolate vanilla cake to Mozilla for Firefox.

3. They can dance

Internet Explorer team dances

Well anyway, one of them can.

One Reddit user asked what it was about recently-hired developer Rey Bango that made the Microsoft team so interested in him. Perhaps it was the clip of his dance moves?

The Internet Explorer team said that while Rey’s outstanding dance moves were a huge motivator, he also has a solid grasp of IE as well as web development. Naturally though, their primary motive in hiring him was to begin building an Internet Explorer dance crew so they can compete on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

4. What they want you to know

Internet Explorer team interview

Mostly, they want you to take another chance on Internet Explorer.

They point out that there are some changes that have been made to the browser, and while most people associate IE with the old versions, people who actually try it often change their perceptions.

5. They want your love

Internet Explorer team reddit

Doesn’t everyone want to be loved?

The Internet Explorer team wants people to love their product, and they think one day they’ll get there because the IE they are working on isn’t the same IE people remember.

As you can see, developers working on Internet Explores are people like any other. This doesn’t make their browser better by default, but it might encourage some people give it a second chance.

Do you see yourself returning to IE anytime soon? Tell us in the comments and learn why you should upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 and why Microsoft no longer supports older versions of IE.

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