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How to sort Safari bookmarks

How to Sort Bookmarks Alphabetically in Safari

Do you recall the first time you used an internet browser? Wasn’t it great that you had the ability to create bookmarks? Of course, it was needed in those days since no one could remember every URL, and the browsers didn’t have an auto-complete function. Browsers also didn’t have site suggestions, so it was necessary to have the specific URL to go where you wanted.

The catch is, with every additional bookmark, it becomes more and more difficult to find a specific link later. You know that super interesting article you noticed last month and bookmarked to read later? You recall the name of the article, but while looking at your Safari bookmarks, you’ll need to either search for the title, or scan the whole list. Of course, you can organize your bookmarks using folders, but no one really has time for that.

Wouldn’t you find it helpful if you had the option to sort bookmarks in Safari alphabetically? Well, we are here to provide you with steps how to do just that.

Step-by-step guide for Safari browser

Guide to sorting Safari bookmarks

Begin by viewing your Safari bookmarks (Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks). Choose the Edit option that’s last on the list.

Click and drag all your bookmarks to a folder in Finder, but be certain you don’t open the bookmarks menu because then it won’t work. Choose List view, then Name to see the files sorted by name.

Now drag the whole folder into Safari’s bookmark list. Your bookmarks will all appear inside the folder you just made.



Isn’t this a lot of extra effort for a feature that should be relatively simple? In other browsers, it’s easy to alphabetize your bookmarks. In Chrome, for example, you can view your bookmarks, then open the Organize menu, and click Reorder by title to easily sort the list alphabetically. Additionally, Firefox has a whole variety of options for sorting, including by name, by tags, by location, by date added, etc.

Luckily, there’s SafariSort, a free app that will sort bookmarks either alphabetically, or with any bookmark folders at the top, followed by a list in alphabetical order. It’s easy and fast, and if you enjoy having organized bookmarks, you can make use of it on a regular basis.

The desire to have your bookmarks sorted alphabetically isn’t a strange feature to request. Actually, it’s an effective way to eliminate duplicate bookmarks. As a matter of fact, Apple really should enable Safari to show bookmarks by date order as well.

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