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How to Import Your Favorites and Bookmarks into Edge

This article will show how to import your favorites from Internet Explorer to the new Windows 10 browser, Edge. It will also cover how to import your favorites from Firefox and Chrome too.

When you open a new browser, there will be a dialog box that pops up, asking whether or not you would like to import any bookmarks or favorites, if you’re using a Microsoft browser. Yet, this is not the case with Edge. In fact, Edge doesn’t let you import the HTML file that contains your bookmarks. However, it is fairly simple to get them transferred, that is, if you are using something other than Firefox. Transferring from Mozilla’s browser will not be quite as easy.

To begin, let’s talk about a few basics. For instance, Internet Explorer and Edge each have their own favorite Internet shortcut file (URL). In fact, the favorites folder in Edge is way more challenging to locate, with an address of something like:


Fortunately, you most likely won’t have to ever go there.

Importing from Chrome and Internet Explorer is relatively easy

edge chrome ie import

  1. Simply click the Favorites icon, showing three horizontal lines of different lengths.
  2. Select Import favorites.
  3. Choose Internet Explorer and/or Chrome, and click Import.

You may have noticed by now that the import panel on Edge doesn’t even have Firefox on its list, and we’re hoping that will soon be corrected.

Importing from Firefox

firefox edge export bookmarks

When in Firefox, click the bookmarks icon, then select Show all Bookmarks. Or you can press Ctrl+Shift+B. When the library dialog box shows up, click on Import and backup>Export bookmarks to HTML. Now save the file as ‘bookmarks.html’ in the location where you want to keep it.

All you have to do now is to download and install Chrome, that’s if it hasn’t been installed yet. Not to fret, it isn’t something you will have to keep.

When in Chrome, simply click the menu icon (upper right corner), then select Bookmarks>Import bookmarks and settings. In the pull-down menu from the dialog box that shows up, select Mozilla Firefox, keeping the Favorites/bookmarks box checked.

chrome import bookmarks

Note: If you wish, you may go ahead and uncheck any other settings.

If all has been done according to the instructions, you now only have to click Import. Are you ready? Go to Edge and import your stuff from Chrome the same way as you did above.

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