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How to install Safari extensions

How to Install And Manage Safari Extensions

Safari has much less extensions than, say, Chrome or Firefox, but there’s some really useful extensions, and this article will teach you how to install them easily.

How to find and install extensions

First, open up a page with the list of available extensions. Using the main menu, click Safari > Safari Extensions

Safari Extensions Gallery

Browse through the gallery and choose the extension you want to install. The extension installation is easy as clicking on a Install now button.

Safari install extension

After that, you will see the status of the extension: first “Being installed,” then “Installed.” After that, you will be able to manage the extension via Preferences window (more on this in the next section).

Safari extension installed

If applicable, right after the installation the extension will open a new page automatically for you to log in or sign up – if it’s a service like Pocket, for example.

Pocket Log In

On the main Safari toolbar, you will see a new button for the extension you just installed.

Safari Pocket extension button

How to manage extensions

Open up Preferences and select the Extensions tab. Here you will see all the extensions you have installed. You can enable/disable any of them or uninstall them completely.

Safari Extensions Tab

When your extensions get a new update, you will see a notification:

Safari Extensions update

That was a short tutorial on how to install and manage extensions for your Safari. Have some other tips? Share them in comments below!

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