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Sideplayer Chrome extension to watch youtube

How to Browse the Web while Watching YouTube

If you are the type that really enjoys watching YouTube, possibly to the point of being borderline addicted to all the cool stuff YouTube offers, you may have found yourself wondering how can you manage to continue browsing the internet without sacrificing YouTube time. If you are wanting to know how to switch between your various tabs and watch YouTube, then you need to get Sideplayer!

Sideplayer is a Chrome extension that opens YouTube videos in a pop-up window that doesn’t minimize when you click on a different tab. It’s persistent like that. Moreover, it’s so persistent on remaining above all other layers that you can even click other windows and it will remain in view.

Making it work

Sideplayer Chrome extension screenshot 1

Once you have installed Sideplayer from Chrome’s Web Store you will need to restart your Chrome browser. Once restarted, navigate to YouTube and open any video you choose, then click on ‘Play in Sideplayer,’ it will be a button that appears under the video. This will open the video in the new persistent pop-up window. It really is that simple!

As an alternative method, you can also click on the Sideplayer icon in the toolbar from any of your tabs. This will open that persistent pop-up window that allows you to move and resize the player as desired. Once open, you simply copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video into the provided field, then hit on ‘Play video.’ Now you are ready to watch all your favorite YouTube channels without ever having to sacrifice your browsing experience, and vise versa.

Why it is so cool

Sideplayer Chrome extension screenshot 2

This comes in handy when you’re streaming videos from YouTube and browsing, but for those who use YouTube videos to learn from tutorials, it also allows you to take notes without switching between the video and another window or tab. Pretty cool, huh?

Wait, we discussed how to open and play the video, but what if you need to pause the video? Simply click on the toolbar icon and the video will pause until you are ready to resume. That easy.

Some problems and fixes

While Sideplayer usually works great for the most part, there are occasions where the video may not show up in Sideplayer, such s when a URL is opened in a new tab and the page begins to load, the video doesn’t load and the audio continues to play. If this occurs, simply refresh the page.

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