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Great Chrome Extensions That Will Work with Links Better

People who have used Firefox in the past and have possibly used Opera and Safari mostly go back to Chrome, and now it is easy to see why they keep coming back.

There are so many different plugins for Chrome, so whenever a developer makes a new plugin, it seems like it was made just for Chrome and that Firefox does not really matter anymore.

Trying out different plugins is almost half the fun of using a browser. Below are the plugins provided by Chrome that make working with links more convenient.



No, there is no typo. There are actually three “L”s in the plugin name. Either the developer really liked their balloon logo, or his finger got stuck on the L key when they were registering the plugin.

Ballloon is great for anyone who happens to be a fan of cloud storage. In the generation of people who love Chromebooks, things aren’t meant to be downloaded, so it pays to have a way to send it off to the cloud.

For example, when you see a photo online that you want to save, you just move your mouse cursor over it, and the small logos for each of the cloud services will then pop up. Select your cloud service and – boom! – it is on its way.

Install Ballloon

Force Background Tab

force background tab

This situation has happened to all of us at least once. Someone sends you several links, and you click on the first link, and you are sent to the tab where the link will be opening. You go back to the email tab and then click the second link, and the same thing happens again. You are sent to the tab where the link is opening. If you happen to have a lot of links, it can get pretty annoying.

Force Background does what the name suggests. Whenever you click on a link, the tab will open in the background, while you stay where you are. It is amazing just how little things can really get under your skin.

Install Force Background Tab



This happens to be another version of Snap Links. Linkclump is great for people who do a lot of research and need to have a lot of links opened. Opening them one by one can be tedious and time-consuming, so LinkClump gives you a great solution.

Simply right-click and drag the mouse over the links that you want to open. When all of the links are highlighted, release your mouse button, and – voila! – new tabs will open. You can open up to 100 different links in a matter of seconds, but loading does take longer.

Install LinkClump



Since you have recently opened 100 different links, you can see that your browser slows down to a point where you are not able to use it anymore. This is where some immediate action will be needed in order to free some memory.

Whenever you press the OneTab in your menu bar or simply right-click on the page and select the OneTab option, the plug-in will grab all of the links and make a list of them in one tab. All the other tabs will be closed. You can then create a links page with a shareable URL. The page even has a QR Code so you can use your phone or tablet to open it.

Install OneTab

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