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Firefox Puzzle Bars

Firefox Puzzle Bars: Stash Your Icons Wherever

Take the functionality of your add-ons and extensions a step further by controlling where your icons show up on in the browser window. Puzzle Bars is a Firefox add-on that allows placing your icons anywhere you want.

The convention is that add-on icons reside on the right of the address bar, but if you have a whole lot, it might be hard to see them all. Being able to control your icons makes it that much easier to access a particular add-on whenever you may need it.

For example, you can put your icons inside the address bar. If you do not fancy this arrangement, then make a lateral or a bottom toolbar. Anywhere you want.

How it works

Firefox: how to move icons

Begin by installing Puzzle Bars from the add-on catalog. Once you have that done, you will be able to see new toolbars called puzzle bars. In order to remove the puzzle bars, just click on the green puzzle icon. If you want them back, right-click on it and pick the puzzle bar you want from the menu.

Going back to placing your add-ons in the address bar, here is how you do it. Right-click on the icon in the toolbar and select Move to location bar puzzle bar. Then repeat this for other add-ons you want. That is all you have to do. For a final tweak, simply type this into you address bar – about:puzzlebars#uRLBar, then check off Hide only when the location bar has focus. This way you will be able to hide your icons when you are using the address bar.

Do you find this add-on useful? Tell us in the comments section! To discover even more, here’s our advice on managing bookmarks and adjusting hidden options within Firefox!

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