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Firefox for iOS Review

Being one of the top browsers out there, Firefox is loved by a great deal of people. Mozilla fans will be pleased to learn that Firefox is expanding to new grounds and is now available for iOS as well.

The looks

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The new mobile Firefox looks neat and has some very pleasing features. The home screen gives you a search bar, smart suggestions (when you type), and a list of websites. It has your frequently visited pages too, and in case you want to delete those, simply press and hold, then tap the red “X” when it shows up.

On top of that, the customization preferences will give you a chance to remove top sites from your home screen, switch the tab view, remove or add search engines like Wikipedia or Google, and even enable reader mode.


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You can also sync your passwords and history across Mac, iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Setting up an account is all that is required to do this. Be warned, however, that there is no bookmark syncing from your iOS. You can sync to it, but you can’t do so in reverse.

Private mode

firefox for ios private

There is even an option of private browsing. This function doesn’t track your cookies, history, site preferences, passwords, or temporary internet files. In order to access this feature, simply click the purple mask.

Adjusting certain settings will make all private tabs to close upon exiting the browser. It is also a good idea to occasionally tap Clear Private Data to erase browsing history, cookies, saved log-ins and such.

There is a catch – private browsing is only available for iOS 9. If you want to browse privately, you have to upgrade.

What else is there?

firefox ios fox

Intuitive navigation will let you jump from page to page, and the tabs are numbered so you can distinguish between them with more ease.

The FAQ section is also there to inform you about topics like removing and adding bookmarks, syncing your browsing history, and uninstalling and installing Firefox.

If you are not pleased with Safari or are a die-hard Mozilla fan, upgrade yourself to Firefox. It is easy to navigate, flaunts plenty of features, and has your privacy in mind.

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