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Firefox Has Many Hidden Options Thanks to Configuration Mania

Although Firefox isn’t the browser of choice these days, it will remain the browser with the most ability to adapt. It is still considered to be the most configurable browser.

If you don’t want to dive deep into some advanced techniques, you can use the free add-on Configuration Mania. It gives you plenty of options to configure and its panel makes it very easy.

Unless someone knows what they are looking for, they may never find it. In fact, they usually are not even going to realize they had access to it all along; for instance, there are so many hidden settings in Firefox that you would never be able to keep up with them all.

Configuration Mania screenshot 1

Of course, now that the word is spreading and people are learning more about the Configuration Mania, customizing Firefox becomes much simpler. Once the add-on is installed, you need to open up the settings to it. The first thing you are going to see will be hundreds of new options and check-boxes.

Here are several of those hidden settings:

  • Create your own keyboard shortcuts with customization. You can also customize those multi-touch gestures.
  • You can choose how you want Firefox to display animated GIF’s, and even how Firefox displays images.
  • The way that Firefox works with Windows 7’s taskbar and its jump-lists is up to you for you can customize them.
  • Change the behavior of your new tabs, and also the URL.
  • You can stop those pop-ups using Firefox’s aggressive pop-up blocker.
  • The auto-complete in the address bar can be customized and even disabled.

And there’s more… There are too many to put in this article!

Configuration mania screenshot 2

The best thing about it is: When you uninstall your add-on, your configuration is not going to change. This means you will be able to install it, use it, and then you can uninstall or simply disable the add-on whenever you want.

You can also use the Configuration Mania to reset everything back to its default, which is located in the Configuration Mania’s main window.

Download Configuration Mania >

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