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Firefox browsers war

Firefox Moves Forward in the Browsers War

Mozilla’s Firefox has recently edged out Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge in the worldwide shares market. Of course, Chrome still leaves them all in the dust with its 60%.

There was a period of time when Internet Explorer dominated the internet, and Chrome barely had an impact. While the leading browser has changed, what remains the same is Mozilla’s second place position. When Internet Explorer was the lead browser, Firefox was the best alternative. Today, with Chrome leading the pack, Firefox remains the best alternative still.

While playing second fiddle isn’t ideal, it beats placing third or fourth in the race to be the top browser. Fortunately, Safari and Opera have apparently cemented their fate at the back of the pack.

And Google is so far ahead that all the other browsers combined still wouldn’t be equal to Chrome’s popularity.

Worldwide, Mozilla claims 15.6% of the market, compared to 15.5% for Edge and IE. Clearly, the one suffering the most is Microsoft, who undoubtedly expected its share of overall browser use to rise after the release of Windows 10 with Edge.

Chrome is the most popular browser

Bringing up the rear of the list are Opera and Safari. With no market movement for several months, these browsers have both stayed at a market share of 4.6%.

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