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Essential Extensions for Chrome. Part 1: Productivity

The Google Chrome browser has plenty of extensions that will give you a lot of added functionality. However, it can be hard to go through the store and locate what is the most useful. So here we decided to save you some time with this list of some of the best extensions for Chrome.

Pocket, Readability, or Instapaper

Having a great bookmarking service is a nice way to save the articles you want to read. When it comes to Chrome, you are able to download an extension that will instantly save any article that you want to the service that you choose. They will be able to sync up across your devices. Which one to pick is up to you as they are all great in their own rights.



If you happen to fill out a lot of forms online, then Lazarus will be a lifesaver for you. When you are filling out a form, Lazarus will save what you are doing. So, if on the off chance that your browser crashes, Lazarus will save a back up. It is simple to use, but it can save your day.

Wunderlist or Any.Do

If you happen to be using Wunderlist or Any.Do for your to-do lists, then both of the extensions will sync across all of your devices. This means that your to-do lists will never be forgotten. Any.Do makes it easier to manage team or household projects. Wunderlist has real-time syncing across all of your devices, as well as shareable to-do lists. When it comes to keeping on top of your tasks, you certainly cannot go wrong with either of these.



There are a lot of sites out there that will suck your time away. From your favorite blog sites to social media sites, it is easy to lose track of your day. StayFocusd will block those particular sites so that you are able to get your work done.


This is the biggest one for those who need a post-Google Reader RSS. It will usually end up being everyone’s favorite choice. The Feedly extension is the perfect way to give you the access to your feeds inside of the Chrome. It isn’t required anymore, but it is always a good idea to keep it around.


Minimalist for Everything

The internet can be a messy and chaotic place that has notifications, toolbars, and just a bunch of clutter. If you want to remove all of that, Minimalist For Everything is a great extension that will slim down the internet to make it easier to use. This extension can do all sorts of things such as removing the navigation bar on Google to make Gmail less cluttered.

Gmail Offline

Gmail is a great web app, but the issue is that it will only work, when you happen to be online. Gmail Offline will let you use Gmail when you don’t have any sort of Internet connection. When you are connected again, the emails that you have composed will be sent just like they would be if you were using the desktop app.

Gmail offline


Ambient sound may be able to help you to fight any type of distractions and keep you productive. Noisli is a web app that will let you create your own background noise. It is now a Chrome extension that won’t use an extra tab. Noisli will allow you to create your own combinations of sounds and will even let you set a timer as a way to track your work.


We hope these tiny apps will help you to be more productive when searching the web. Have something to add to our list? Share it in comments! And definitely stay tuned to get the second part of our list of the essential extensions for Chrome.

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