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Edge Soon to Support Skype Plugin-free

With plenty of improvements and fixes, Windows 10 shows many promising features such as Object RTC (ORTC) APIs for Edge. This is a collection of tools to bring ease to developers on building audio/video calling into apps without a browser plugin.

With the thoughts of many being that Skype would be ideal for ORTC, Microsoft shortly after announced the developing of new versions of Skype for Web as well as Outlook.com that fully utilize this new technology.

Starting sometime this year, early next year, Skype users will be able to make their video/audio calls plugin-free on Edge. The Skype team also says they are working on different versions for business users with no estimated date of release.

As a result, ORTC is more than Microsoft technology, it is a broad attempt to make web app development easier for real-time communications via video and voice conferencing. Without the use of mucking Java applets and plugins, all you need to utilize the ORTC is a web browser that will support it.

Though only in the early days, Object RTC could be an internet revolution for consumers and businesses if it catches hold.

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