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Edge Browser Will Have No Add-ons This Year, Confirms Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft confirmed that it would not be releasing any add-ons to the new Edge browser this year like it was promised.

Previously, Microsoft had stated that it would be giving add-on support this year after the debut of Windows 10 in July.

The postponing of the add-ons wasn’t a huge surprise, as Microsoft hasn’t offered a beta version for add-ons for Edge yet. Nor has it even pitched tools or advice for its developers that might be interested in writing Edge add-ons, or adapting the ones that run in the Chrome browser.

Since the first major update for Windows 10 recently happened, it would have been impossible to give the add-ons to Edge users this year.

The lack of add-ons has caused Edge to be a non-starter for most.

Some users have stated that Norton offers to use the Internet Explorer as the default browser because it allows toolbars. For some, until this issue is fixed in Edge, they won’t be using it.

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The whole issue with this is that without extensions most of the important security features won’t actually work in the browsers, while many people rely on them. Two of these extensions are McAfee and LastPass. Both of them work on extensions and both are recommending to keep using Internet Explorer until Edge gets on its game.

Although it has been virtually impossible to gauge the actual impact of the missing add-ons for Edge, the browser hasn’t really captured the attention from the world browser market. Net Applications has stated that Edge was only placed as the primary browser for 36% of Windows 10 users, while StatCounter stated it was only 16%.

Microsoft has 2016 to get its act together and deliver a more functional browser for Windows 10 users. Microsoft has already committed to shipping out the Windows 10 feature upgrades two to three times yearly. With an expected first update being in November, the under three times yearly tempo will place the second update in March of 2016.

People have argued that it will be too late and that Microsoft shouldn’t have even bothered with releasing Edge until it was ready and could support extensions. They just don’t get browsers, and most browser users have dismissed Edge.

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