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Safari 10 Will Not Support Flash

Safari browser Flash

Safari 10, Apple Inc’s most recent web browser, scheduled to ship out later in the year with OS Sierra, will give preference to HTML 5, disabling common plug-ins for a better web browsing experience. Silverlight, Adobe Flash, Apple’s own QuickTime, …

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Firefox Moves Forward in the Browsers War

Firefox browsers war

Mozilla’s Firefox has recently edged out Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge in the worldwide shares market. Of course, Chrome still leaves them all in the dust with its 60%. There was a period of time when Internet Explorer dominated the …

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Apple Pay Is Coming This Fall

Apple Pay comes fall 2016

Apple Pay, the service that offers mobile payment from Apple Inc, will become available on websites this fall, but only through Safari. This shuts out Google Chrome users and may prevent Apply Pay from being adopted by online vendors. In …

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Go Back in Time with Old Browsers

oldweb mtv

When it comes to tech nostalgia, there is nothing quite like it, and it shows in all forms, from social gatherings and music to historical preservations. When you get the itch to experience the old clunky days, there are sites …

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Edge Soon to Support Skype Plugin-free

Edge news

With plenty of improvements and fixes, Windows 10 shows many promising features such as Object RTC (ORTC) APIs for Edge. This is a collection of tools to bring ease to developers on building audio/video calling into apps without a browser …

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