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Mobile Edge Against Firefox and Chrome

edge against firefox and android

Microsoft’s latest browser Edge for the Windows 10 system has recently been through benchmarking trials against Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The testing devices Using Jet Stream and Octane benchmarks, Edge’s technical preview of build 10586.11 was tested on Lumia …

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5 Awesome Browsers for Android

5 more best andoid browser

A web browser is the one type of app that you absolutely need to have. Everyone knows that being able to access the internet is a crucial part of any mobile device today, but there are very few people that …

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Firefox for iOS Review

firefox for ios featured

Being one of the top browsers out there, Firefox is loved by a great deal of people. Mozilla fans will be pleased to learn that Firefox is expanding to new grounds and is now available for iOS as well. The …

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Opera Mini Review

opera mini review

Most of us take for granted the unlimited or high data plans that are out there, so it is easy to forget that it is not like that for everyone in the world. The actual truth is that a metered …

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Top 5 Browsers for iPhone

You may find it baffling that people are unaware that it is possible to change the browser app. Safari is just a built-in app that comes with most of the Apple devices. Do not think that it is not good …

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5 Great Browsers for Android

5 great android browsers new

Believe it or not, one of the most important apps on any type of device is a web browser. Having all the right features as well as the right performance while you are browsing can change the whole experience. But, …

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