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How to Disable Tab Preview in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has made considerable progress since Microsoft presented it. A year ago, we sketched out explanations behind why you shouldn’t utilize Edge at this time. Things have changed from that point forward and there are an astounding number of …

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Microsoft Brings WebVR Support to Edge Browser

Edge WebVR

Microsoft has reported that they plan to bring WebVR support to the Edge browser, which is the Windows 10 default browser and beats out Internet Explorer. WebVR is a draft web specification that is currently in development by Google, Mozilla, …

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Office Online Extension for Microsoft Edge

Edge Office Online

Microsoft has always promoted the idea that its products are improved and enhanced when two or more are used together. However, the release of the Office Online extension for Microsoft Edge does seem to have limited usefulness. It allows you …

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How to Reset Microsoft Edge

Reset Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was released fairly recently, and, on occasion, problems may crop up. If you experience crashes, slow performance, or weird appearances of toolbars, popups, or adware while using Edge, you may need to reset it. However, there’s a difference …

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Tips and Tricks to Use Microsoft Edge Better

Edge news

Edge has really made an impression on Windows 10 users thanks to the fast loading, light design, websites, and a non-intrusive interface. It has great features like web notes and read mode. That is something that is available with other …

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