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15 Most Useful Chrome Shortcut Keys

Chrome shortcuts

Main reasons to use a modern browser is that they can boost your day-to-day productivity once you learn the ins and outs of what they can do. Every browser is unique though, and Chrome is no exception, but its learning …

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Top 15 Chrome Extensions for a Productive 2017

Top Chrome extensions of 2017

If you want to work quicker, smarter and possibly save money, these are the Google Chrome extensions you will want. 15. 1Password When it comes to Chrome’s password management software, 1Password is a great extension for both Windows and Mac. …

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How to Browse the Web while Watching YouTube

Sideplayer Chrome extension to watch youtube

If you are the type that really enjoys watching YouTube, possibly to the point of being borderline addicted to all the cool stuff YouTube offers, you may have found yourself wondering how can you manage to continue browsing the internet …

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