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Best Microsoft Edge extensions for 2017

The Ultimate List of 11 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge in 2017

Last July when Microsoft introduced Edge, its swift and swanky new web browser, the response from consumers was tepid. But now the situation for Edge has changed. It grew more mature and started to support many useful extensions. In this post, you will find the ultimate list of 11 best extensions for the Edge browser to stay on top of the web in 2017.

But first, let’s dive in the past to better appreciate what the Edge browser has become now. It could be argued that Edge was too modest in its web browsing approach. There were a few innovative features, like inking, for example, but it was missing a majority of the qualities, browsing extensions being one, that convinced people to switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Microsoft is hopeful their upcoming release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will fix this issue. The update will mean that Edge can finally support browser extensions! As we eagerly await the update, we’ll examine the best extensions presently offered for Edge for you to use in 2017. These extensions aren’t currently available for users of the standard Windows 10, however, Windows 10 Insiders who run Insider Preview Build 14291 and above can access them right now.

How to install Microsoft Edge extensions for 2017


To install the best Microsoft Edge extensions for 2017, you would have to download them first at the Microsoft’s site. Here are the installation instructions:

  • To set up the desired app, select Run from the confirmation window.
  • Once it is downloaded, you can find the extension’s file in the Downloads folder.
  • Click on the menu icon, select Extensions, then Load extension, and navigate to the installer file.

After that, have fun with your updated Edge browser!

Now, onto this list of the best 2017 Edge extensions.

1. LastPass

Last Pass Edge extension for 2017

We start our list of the top Microsoft Edge extensions for 2017 with LastPass because we believe it’s truly essential for any user browsing the web today.

The widely-used password manager LastPass can also be obtained as an extension for Edge. The extension accumulates encrypted form-fill data and encrypted passwords, as well as syncing with various browsers. This makes is especially helpful for people considering changing from Firefox or Chrome to Edge. The LastPass extension can be directly downloaded from the LastPass webpage, or the Windows Store.

2. Page Analyzer

Page Analyzer Edge extension

Targeted largely towards web developers, Page Analyzer is an extension for Microsoft Edge that will scan and analyze websites that are open in Edge for issues with performance, openings for optimization, as well as common errors.

3. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket Edge extension

This Microsoft Edge extension is for fans of the widely-used Pocket, an app for reading items later. Save to Pocket creates a Pocket button for your Edge browser. Click the icon when you find a website you’d like to read at a later time and it’s saved automatically to Pocket, and syncs with your additional devices for reading offline. Save to Pocket is surely one of the best Edge extensions for 2017.

4. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator

Install this Edge extension for easier reading of foreign-language web pages in 2017! When turned on, Microsoft Translator has an icon for translation inserted in the address bar of websites with foreign languages. Simply click the icon and the extension will immediately translate the page into the current language you have your Windows set for. Neat, ha? More than 50 languages are supported in Microsoft Translator, and we believe there will be more. Install this Edge extension for 2017 to surf the web in your native tongue!

5. Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Edge extension

Adding extra performance to Reddit, Reddit Enhancement Suite contains small, but impactful adjustments for users. Extra functions include a continuous Reddit stream on your homepage, an effortless account switcher, and the ability to navigate comments better.

6. Mouse Gestures

Mouse Gestures Edge extension

This extension does precisely what its name suggests, activates Edge mouse gestures. To use the Mouse Gestures extension, press and hold down the right mouse button anyplace in the browser, then make a gesture.

For instance, dragging the mouse right, then up opens a new tab, and dragging the mouse in a straight line to the left takes you back one page. This extension provides you with the additional control options to increase your productivity while surfing the web, that’s why it took place on our ultimate list of the best Microsoft Edge extensions for 2017 and beyond.

7. OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote Web Clipper adds an icon that you press when you want to save a part or all of a webpage to OneNote. You have the option of capturing the whole page, taking a screenshot of a certain part, or choosing to save the page in the “Article” format, which only copies the text from a page. All these clip can be saved to any of your OneNote notebooks, so it’s useful when compiling a large amount of information.

8. Pin It Button

Pin It Button

Somewhat similar to the previous extension, PinterestPin It Button allows you to capture parts of a website to save, but for Pinterest. You can pin anything you see on a webpage, for example photos, to the Pinterest board of your choosing. The extension creates a Pin It icon for Edge which, by default, shows up beside your existing extensions. However,  you can choose to alter the settings and have the button beside the address bar for easy access.

9. Amazon Assistant

Amazong Assistant Edge extension

Many of us spend quite a lot of time on the net looking at stuff that we really can’t afford. Amazon Assistant’s goal is to filter the items you see based on your web browsing. Should you find something you like, it is then easy to add the item to your Amazon Wishlist and possibly find it on Amazon for a cheaper price. That’s why Amazon Assistant is an irreplaceable helper for your surfing.

10. Office Online

Office Online

Microsoft’s Office Online extension was first introduced in Windows Insider Preview Build 14366, which connects with Microsoft’s Office Web Apps, creating an Office experience in-browser for Edge. The extension allows you to create and open new documents in SwatOnline, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word, without the need to install Office on your device.

11. Evernote


The EverNote extension is the one  most recently added to Edge’s collection.  The EverNote extension is very much like the OneNote Web Clipper, but used for Evernote. The extension allows you to snip articles, save a whole web page, or simply bookmark a site into an Evernote notebook of your choosing. Designed for speedy clipping, the extension includes its own array of keyboard shortcuts that can be customized. Presently, this extension is only available for the most recent Preview build (14372).

However, these extensions are all accessible in the Windows 1o Anniversary Update.

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