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Apple Pay comes fall 2016

Apple Pay Is Coming This Fall

Apple Pay, the service that offers mobile payment from Apple Inc, will become available on websites this fall, but only through Safari. This shuts out Google Chrome users and may prevent Apply Pay from being adopted by online vendors.

In May, Safari held 13% of the browser market, compared with Chrome’s 59%. This can make some online retailers reconsider embedding a button for Apple Pay into their web pages.

If merchants already have PayPal on their site, they may decide Apple Pay isn’t needed since they already have to deal with a wide variety of forms of payment. If shopping carts get too complex, sales can diminish.

Apple has thus far declined to comment on its decision to limit the service to Safari browser users. It’s unlikely that Apple Pay will expand to their competitors’ browsers since Apple has never really cared if their technology has limited use outside their own ecosystem.

While overall usage remains small at this point, Apple Pay is the most widely-used service for mobile payment in the United States.

Consumers who use Safari on a Mac computer, iPad, or iPhone can purchase items online by swiping across their iPhone sensor, same as they would when shopping at a store’s physical location. Apple Watch can also be used for authentication.

Apple Pay screenshot

Without the need to type in credit card numbers, the service should improve the speed and simplicity of the checkout process. This, in turn, may lead to a decrease in the number of shoppers who leave their shopping carts before they’ve made a purchase.

Apple Pay is expected to give Apple’s financial business a boost since they take a percentage of each transaction that occurs with their service in the United States.

Who do you think will win in this battle: PayPal or Apple Pay? Tell us in the comments below and check out more articles like tricks and tips for the best Safari experience and how to install and manage Safari extensions.

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