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6 best android browsers

6 of the Best Android Browsers for Surfing the Net

Every person will have different criteria when it comes to finding the best Android browser. Some people want the fastest, while others are looking for the ones that don’t hog all of your data. Below are 6 best Android browsers that you can download and check out for yourself right now.

1. Opera – Best for saving your data

Opera mobile screenshot

Doing more with Opera for Android is their slogan. When it comes to more than 50 million downloads from the Google Play store, it appears that many people believe the slogan. Opera for the desktop computers has been around for 20 years, and the new Android version will give you just as many great features and even some helpful extras.

The Opera browser will sync across various devices, so you are able to have the same type of browsing experience from your PC on your smartphone. It even has typical functions like private browsing and bookmarks.

It is the data saving features that really make it the best. Opera is able to compress videos when you are viewing them on mobile so they would use less data but still give you a great viewing experience, in addition to being able to save some bytes when you are viewing regular pages.

It isn’t the fastest browser, but once the page has loaded, you will normally get the whole page at once so there is no waiting around for extra images to load up.

Download Opera

2. APUS Browser – The smallest download for your device

Apus browser mobile screenshot

APUS Browser is best known for their launcher, but now it is all about web browsing with a lightweight mobile browser that has simple aesthetics. Their download package is only 0.6MB, so it is very slim but it does give you some pretty awesome features.

One of those features, which is enabled by default, is that when you copy text on your phone, the browser will ask if you want to search for it online. It is a nice touch for productivity and doing research on your phone!

APUS Browser also lets you disable images that show up in searches which saves you data. Since it is a free browser, it is worth a shot, especially if you don’t have the best hardware on your device.

Download APUS Browser

3. Chrome Beta: Staying ahead of the curves

Chrome beta mobile screenshot

We aren’t talking about old Chrome, we are talking about the best version of Chrome and it is in Beta version.

If you want to be ahead of the curve by getting the latest updates before everyone else, then Chrome Beta will give you access to the newest features first, and even though you are asked to provide feedback, you don’t have to.

There are some stability issues with Chrome Beta, but that is to be expected. They are pretty infrequent, though, so we are still recommending this version over the regular Chrome version.

Download Chrome Beta

4. Link Bubble Browser: The time-saver

Link bubble browser screenshot

Link Bubble Browser can be a bit cheeky as it doesn’t have a dedicated search function, but it is the browser of the future.

It was created by Chris Lacy, the creator of TapPath Browser Helper and Action Launcher 3. Link Bubble is known for a pretty awesome feature: once you tap a link, it will load in the background and then tell you when it has been loaded. This will let you do what you want, instead of wasting time hanging around for sites to open in front of you. Not only is this useful, it’s clever.

Download Link Bubble Browser

5. Puffin Web Browser: Need for speed

Puffin web browser screenshot

Puffin Web Browser is a pretty interesting choice. It is customizable and quick, with add-ons and backgrounds, but it even has the ability to emulate a mouse cursor and trackpad. It is great for those who miss the laptop experience when they are on mobile devices.

Puffin Web Browser works by transferring materials to a cloud server that delivers it to your handset, which helps to load larger sites on devices that have small bandwidths. It is for this reason that Puffin Web Browser is the fastest Android browser, but it does have some pretty annoying ads along the bottom of the screen.

Download Puffin Web Browser

6. Dolphin Browser – Best experience for web junkies

Dolphin web browser screenshot

Dolphin Browser is a big fan favorite from the Android community. It looks great, it is functional, and it is packed with features as well as plenty of gesture controls. It is even the handiest when it comes to sharing content and transferring preferences between your devices.

The best part of Dolphin Browser is that it supports Flash Player which means that you don’t have to suffer because the older sites don’t keep up with the current technology.

Download Dolphin

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