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5 Safari Tips That You Need to Know

There are a ton of helpful features in Apple apps. Unless you’ve clicked each button and scoured every menu, it’s likely you’re not making use of the full potential of Safari. Here are five useful tips that will come in handy next time you’re using Safari to surf the web.

1. Address bar exploits

When going to a new website page, there’s no need to click inside the address bar, select the existing address and delete it. Just push Command-L and the address you’re currently on will be highlighted so you can enter the new one immediately. Also, you don’t have to type in www or http://. Instead, just write the domain, for example worldofbrowsers.com, then press Return to go to the site.

In addition, by default Safari will no longer display the complete address of the website you’re at. For instance, if you’re reading an article at World of Browsers, the address will simply read worldofbrowsers.com. However, you can choose to always view the full address by choosing Safari > Preferences > Advanced and turning on Show full website address.

2. Enlarged view

Safari zoom feature

You don’t need to squint if you come across a website with text that’s so small it’s hard to read; press and hold Command and then push the + key on the keyboard to enlarge the content. Alternately, reduce content size using Command and the – key. If you prefer to make the text larger but leave the images how they are, click View > Zoom Text Only. You can also set the font size minimum that Safari will use in Safari > Preferences > Advanced and type in the size you want in the field Never use font sizes smaller than.

3. Sharing web pages

Sharing a webpage in Safari

Safari offers a variety of options to share a web page with someone else quickly. To share, click File > Share > Email This Page and the browser will open a new email page and enter the headline as the subject field, including a link to the website in the body of the message. Safari also helps you send other pages to people you’ve sent to recently by including their names at the bottom of the Share menu.)

To specify how you’d like the content of the website sent, open the Send Web Content As menu and you have your choice to send the website in Reader View, a PDF, the entire webpage, or just a link. The first three options allow your recipient to view the content without the need to click a link.

4. View animated GIFs or images

Safari's image viewer

All sorts of imagery is available to view in Safari, including animated GIFs. To view, you can use the command File > Open or drag a file into a Safari window to preview how the image will look on the internet. If the colors seem off, it’s because the picture isn’t in the correct sRGB color space for the internet.

Opening an image in a new tab also allows you to view the pixel dimensions for most images on the web. This comes in handy for anyone creating an image for a website that needs to be the exact size of an image already in use. To view pixel dimensions, press Control and click on the image, then select Open Image in New Tab from the menu that pops up. Once you’ve done that, a new tab will open that contains the image, with the dimensions appearing on the right near its file name.

5. Find out page fonts

Find out font names in Safari

If you see a webpage and love the fonts used, there’s no need to read through the HTML to discover which ones they are. Installing the free browser extention WhatFont is a better option.

After you’ve installed the browser extension, activate it by clicking on the icon f? in the Safari toolbar. When your cursor is above, the name of the font will be revealed.

As you can see, Safari has quite a bit of clever tricks and features to offer even advanced users. Apple’s browser is ready to support you, whether you’re doing web design or simply surfing the net.

Do you have any more tips to share? Do so in the comments below and learn about Safari 10 not supporting Flash and how to sort bookmarks alphabetically in Safari.

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