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5 Clever Reasons to Ditch Older IE Versions for Internet Explorer 11

While everyone wants to cling to the familiar, that’s not a good idea when talking about web browsers. They are regularly updated, and not to simply add features, but also implement additional support for latest web tech and fix holes in security.

Occasionally, browsers will have radical updates, with developers choosing to leave older versions behind. While patches may still be released for those versions, eventually, they would be left behind for good. This is what Microsoft is now doing with their browser, Internet Explorer.

Starting January 12, 2016, versions of Internet Explorer that are older than Internet Explorer 11 will no longer be supported. So in order to keep your computer safe, you’ll need to download the latest update.

However, if you’re still not convinced, here are 7 reasons why you should consider the move to IE 11.

1. It’s the only Internet Explorer version that’s still secure

Recent versions of IE have fixed security issues that proved to be the weak points of earlier IE browsers. Internet Explorer 11 has been declared the most secure, especially in regards to identifying phishing sites and giving users more reassurance when it comes to online scams.

Additionally, Microsoft has stopped fixing issues with older versions of IE, meaning Internet Explorer 11 is the only secure IE browser that won’t leave you vulnerable to malevolent attacks.

2. It has the same appearance as IE 9 and 10

Ditch older Internet Explorer versions

There’s no need to worry that you won’t know how to operate Internet Explorer 11. The interface is identical to IE 9 and 10 while also giving more room for websites than a number of other web browsers.

3. It displays web pages faster

While speed is often overlooked when evaluating the performance of web browsers, fast-loading websites make for an online experience that’s smoother. Several independent tests proved that Internet Explorer 11 is considerably faster at loading internet pages, compared to both its prior versions and competitors.

4. There is predictive browsing

Anytime you open a website, Internet Explorer 11 attempts to guess what site you’ll visit next and automatically loads it in a hidden tab. If you do click on that page, it will load instantly because it’s pre-loaded. It’s a sophisticated prediction process and only occurs when the browser is fairly certain about the informed guess it makes.

5. Your personal data is safe

Internet Explorer versions

For some time now, IE has offered a variety of choices to prevent websites from peeping on your online activities. Internet Explorer 11 expands this with a Do not track command, which prevents sites from furtively tracking your web activity for the purposes of advertising.  It is automatically switched on, but you can also activate it in the Tools menu.

As you can see, moving to the newer version of IE isn’t really that painful. Internet Explorer 11 offers all the same features plus more and actively guards your safety online. Microsoft has certainly put some work into this version, and there is nothing to stop IE 11 from competing with other top browsers.

What browser are you using? Tell us in the comments and learn more about Microsoft no longer supporting older versions of IE and how hackers have already hacked IE 9 and 10.

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