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Halloween Chrome Extensions

10 Halloween Chrome Apps That Will Let You Have a Scary Good Time

Preparing your browser for Halloween, you should consider Chrome, since it actually has the most options. They range from cool extensions and tools to fun and upbeat games, these ten Halloween themed Chrome add-ons will bring you the holiday spirit.

Scaring up some fun

Stop browsing and take a break from school or work to play some enjoyable games. Each of these fun game apps will have an awesome Halloween theme and cute little sound effects.

Halloween Mahjong

Halloween Mahjong is full of tiles, waiting for you to match up. From haunted houses and candy corn to bones and skulls, the game is not only fun but also cute. There is an option to switch to full screen mode, and the graphics will still look great. Use a hint when you get stuck, or the ‘Undo’ button if you change your mind about a move you made. Halloween Mahjong is a great way to kill time.


Halloween Solitaire

Halloween Solitaire can be placed in full screen as well and the background has a suitable Halloween theme to go with it. Moreover, the cards have bats, pumpkins, monsters and vampires on them. The images are more cartoonish, rather than scary, so if you have little fans of solitaire, then this is very appropriate. Halloween Solitaire is the perfect treat that you need this Halloween.


Halloween Sudoku

Halloween Sudoku will let you tackle all of those number demons. Simply pick a square and the numbered pumpkin to make your move. You are able to use pencil to temporarily place your number and watch the spinning numbers, when you finish a row, grid, or column correctly. This is the perfect game for Sudoku lovers.


Halloween Word Search

Halloween Word Search is waiting for you in the shadows. It is available in full screen mode. You simply drag your mouse to highlight the words in the list. The graphics may not be way over the top for a Halloween theme, but the words that you have to find are. So be sure to find spider, blood, and tombstone if you dare with a Halloween Word Search.


Halloween Backgammon

Halloween Backgammon is great if you like to play with someone, but all of your friends are busy. You will be able to play this classic game against a ghost opponent. Ghosts play against pumpkins. When you make a move, the possible areas will begin to light up. Get ready to roll the bones and give this game a go.



Halloweenies is a great Halloween themed typing game that will allow you to save Halloween from the zombie sausages. The only way to stop them is to type correctly the word on the screen. This game comes with creepy music, sound effects and frightening screams. This is the perfect way to test your finger speed.


Let the countdown start

There are two very handy chrome countdown tools that you are able to use in order to know how much time is left until Halloween. It will not take over your screen, it is a very convenient extension. So pick to see how much time is left.

The Halloween Countdown

The Halloween Countdown is an extension that will put a cute little pumpkin in your toolbar. Tapping on that pumpkin will show you how long is left in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds until Halloween.


Halloween Countdown

Halloween Countdown, even though it has the same name, is a great app that will let you see the days, hours, minutes and seconds until Halloween.


Trick and treat

The Halloween Soundboard

Now there has been plenty to see of Halloween, so now it is time to hear it. The Halloween Soundboard will give you just about any Halloween sound that you can imagine. When your favorite friend is coming towards you, hit the scream button. If you want to freak someone out, hit the chainsaw button. The Halloween Soundboard has 30 different sounds for you to play with, and all you have to do is simply tap them.



Are you ready to create a bit of magic? You can do that with Pookatoo. This amazing text maker will let you write up a scary message. You can also select the type of font and color, and it will create the perfect scream-tastic image for you. Just download it and you can use it anywhere. You can certainly get ready for Halloween with the Pookatoo tool and use it to send message to your friends on social media sites.


If you happen to love Halloween, then you will love these awesome add-ons for Chrome. From fun to scary, send over any other suggestions that you would have. Use the comments section below.

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