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10 Enhancing Toolbars for Internet Explorer

To enhance your experience while browsing with Internet Explorer, these ten toolbars can prove to be very useful.

Google Toolbar

Supporting a wide variety of features, the Google toolbar can greatly improve your online experience. Live feed support, custom searching for sites and even Google Gadgets make this toolbar very handy for the avid user. In addition to settings and easy bookmark access, there is a ‘Find as you Type’ feature allowing for easy word locating.

Providing alternate web addresses when finding yourself on a DNS error or 404 pages, you are also given an access to your history and bookmarks from other connected computers. Offering translations to foreign sites, pop-up ads blockers, and page rank displays among other features are what make this toolbar nifty.

Yahoo! Toolbar

Yahoo toolbar for internet explorer

The best feature of the Yahoo! toolbar is its web search strength. Following closely behind this feature, however, is the ability to swiftly search through your bookmarks, Yahoo! mail notifications and integrated messenger. You are able to customize this toolbar to your needs by adding or creating buttons. There is also a pop-up blocking option and predictive search suggestions.

Windows Live Toolbar

Offering the option to personalize the Live Toolbar, it also integrates searching in IE as well as provides smart menus for highlighted text. Windows Live Toolbar also grants easy access to Maps, which automatically maps the addresses found on viewed web pages.

AOL Toolbar

Giving quick access to weather forecasts, email, and AOL web search, this is another useful and popular toolbar for IE.

Facebook Toolbar

Covering almost all the basics that Firefox’s official Facebook toolbar does, this is the unofficial IE Facebook toolbar. It is very useful for the avid Facebook junky, though.

StumbleUpon Toolbar

Allowing to share your discoveries and connect with friends, the StumbleUpon toolbar takes your interests and suggest websites you would like.

eBay Toolbar

This toolbar allows you to not only search the web, but eBay.com and Half.com as well. Offering alerts and status updates off bids, it is easy to stay up to date on your current auction items.

Compete Toolbar

Toolbar Compete

Offering two separate alert types automatically upon visiting a website, Trust Scores and Site Profiles, this toolbar is essential for webmasters who want to stay protected from bumping into malicious sites and gain rank and traffic details of sites they visit.

McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar

By using colored buttons, the McAfee toolbar advises you of the site safety as you browse, protects your system from malicious software, and gives you warnings about potentially dangerous websites.

Torrent Search Bar Toolbar

As an avid torrent user, this toolbar is ideal for you to use with Internet Explorer, providing not only a huge search through more than 31 torrent sites, but new torrent links and RSS feeds.

Do you have some other useful Internet Explorer toolbars you like but we didn’t cover here? Tell us in the comments!

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