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10 best Edge extensions

10 Best Edge Browser Extensions That You Need to Try in 2017

As part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Edge will be adding extensions. Windows insiders have been testing this out for a few months now, but there isn’t a big selections of extensions; there are more extensions that are too be expected soon.

Below are a just a handful of the Edge extensions that you need to test out and which ones are considered the best.

#1 Mouse Gestures

Mouse Gestures extension

If you happen to be a power mouse user, then you will love this. When you have Mouse Gestures enabled, you will be able to control Edge with a few simple movements of the mouse. Right clicking, followed by a certain gesture will then toggle a certain activity like going back, opening new tabs, or scrolling to the bottom.

This app supports 4 basic gestures and 12 advanced gestures. You will be able to use default settings or you will be able to select from 17 different actions which include no action from the drop down menu. In order to see a quick overview of the gestures, simply make a random gesture such as a circle and then a whole list will pop up in the window.

Mouse Gestures happens to be an extension that was created by Microsoft and it works quite well. The only issue is that there is too much emphasis on the mouse gestures but nothing has been compared to the touch gestures. Edge happens to be a touch first browser.

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#2 Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement Suite extension

You won’t be able to see RES or Reddit Enhancement Suite listed on Edge because it only shows up once you have visited Reddit.

In order to enhance Reddit browsing experiences, RES will cause the threads to be bottomless, you will be able to view all the images inline, toggle a night mode for dark reading, use certain keyboard shortcuts, tag users you want to follow, and switch accounts easily. Whenever you first use RES, there will be a quick tour that will show you all you need to know. In order to review RES tricks and tips manually, just hover mouse over the cogwheel and wait for your menu to pop up.

In order to change the settings, learn more about RES, or access certain RES modules, head over to the RES settings console.

This extension doesn’t actually have any ratings to go by, and there weren’t any major issues either. But it is recommended that you back up the settings. If you are going to Edge from another browser and have use RES, you can even restore the settings.

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#3 Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket extension

Save to Pocket will let you save videos and articles for later and the extension is pretty basic. You simply click on the Save to Pocket button and the site will be added to the collection. You will be able to add tags while you are saving or you will be able to change your mind and then remove the page that has been pocketed.

The default program uses the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + S, but you can create your own shortcut on the options page.

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#4 Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator extension

This happens to be one of the good extensions but the abilities of it are limited. Microsoft Translator will be able to translate sites that have been written in different languages. Whenever you visit a foreign page, the Microsoft Translator icon will pop up in the address bar. Click on the icon to translate the whole page or simply go back to the original page. The extensions option page will let you pick what language it should be translated to.

Unfortunately, this extension doesn’t do single words or sentences. It is an all or nothing type of thing. That is if the translator is able to recognize the page that needs to be translated, which sometimes it does not.

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#5 Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant extension

This extension only exists to improve online shopping by giving you the Deal of the Day, Wish List, Product Comparison, and Shortcuts to various Amazon destinations. The Amazon Assistant won’t work until Edge has been restarted after installing. Once you go through the brief tour, you will become a better shopper.

If you happen to be a constant shopper, then you may find this extension and the recommendations that it gives what you need, especially if you are looking for great deals. If you are the type that need to watch your spending, then you will do better without it.

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#6 Office Online

Office Online extension

Office Online happens to be the free online office suite from Microsoft. This extension will give you quick access to your office files, as well as the files that have been saved to OneDrive and your local computer. There are shortcuts that will give you quick access to making new files.

Opening the recently used files does work well and could be seen as useful if you use Office Online or OneNote frequently. Opening the files from OneDrive isn’t quite as easy or convenient with this extension. It is easier to go to OneDrive and open it from there.

Whenever you try to open a Non-Office file from the computer, the extension will have a box that reminds you that you need to pick a file that has been created in PowerPoint, Excel, or Word. That is perfect for video or audio files, but when you are trying to view a text document or PDF, this is quite limited. What is worse is that opening the right Office documents didn’t do anything until patience had ran out.

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#7 Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper extension

Evernote is a great alternative to bookmarks. This web clipper will let you save whole or just part of certain webpages to this note taking site.

The extension does work well, but the other versions of this extension for other browsers is different on Edge. All of the features weren’t able to be transferred.

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#8 LastPass

LastPass extension

During a time where passwords are a serious thing, you will need to have a great tool that will remember all of your login details. LastPass is a password manager that now available on Edge, which makes it a cross platform app.

LastPass worked well and if you have used it with other browsers, then the interface hasn’t really changed. Select the icon on your address bar or the More menu will open the LastPass menu which will let you search and open the password vault, and review secure notes, generate secure passwords, or form fills.

The app does have one little issue: it doesn’t let you copy a username or password easily. Even if it is in your vault, you will have to edit the entry, show the password and then be able to copy it.

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#9 OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote Web Clipper extension

Even on Edge, OneNote Web Clipper is less advanced than other competitors. You will be able to clip a full page or simplified articles, pick a location, and then add a note. The only benefit to this extension is that you can highlight the text and change font size when you clip it as an article.

There are some that stated that sometimes this clipper doesn’t work. This has been fixed because the OneNote Web Clipper clipped everything just fine recently. Nonetheless, the most recent version of the extension has had poor ratings.

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#10 Pin It Button

Pin It extension

The Pin It Button comes from the Pinterest extension. You can use it on virtually any site and it will suggest other pins. Pick one and you will be redirected to a pop up window where you will be able to edit the pin text or create a new board or pick a board. You can even pin this to Twitter or Facebook.

This extension only has one rating, but that isn’t enough to base its ranking on.

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Whether you are a die-hard Chrome user or are switching from Firefox, you may have considered switching to Edge and it could have been due to the lack of extensions that were holding you back. With that said, now that there are extensions available, this browser is becoming top of the line. If you are missing certain features, then there may be a bookmarklet for it.

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