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LastPass extension for Microsoft Edge

LastPass Password Manager: New Extension for Microsoft Edge

s://lastpass.com/" target="_blank">LastPass was recently released as a new browser extension for Microsoft Edge. Presently available to those enrolled in the Windows Insider Program, the extension is one of the many Microsoft products that members have early access to.

LastPass allows for a secure and simple way to store passwords, auto-create new ones, and generally make your online experience more streamlined. It supports all mobile and desktop platforms.

In the browser, as users visit web pages, LastPass automatically fills in any passwords it’s saved, and new passwords can be added quickly without the need to leave the page you’re on. The icons for the extension pop up as you browse to take care of account logins.

There are also security features included in the LastPass extension. For instance, you will be notified if you have identical passwords saved for different accounts, and you are given the option to create random passwords.


The LastPass extension will become available to the general public later in the year.

Are you looking forward to try LastPass with Edge? Share your expectations with us in the comments below and learn more with articles like Reading List for Microsoft Edge and our tricks and tips for using Edge better.

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