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Google Now and Chrome

How to Use Google Now and Voice Search With Chrome

To use this feature, you will need to open a new Chrome tab (Ctrl+T) or you can go to the front page of Google. Then, simply click the microphone icon.

Google then begins listening for your voice, speak towards your microphone and it converts it to the search bar. You can ask questions or search for things without having to type it out. When you stop speaking, Google automatically converts it, so there’s not need to click done or anything!

If you find nothing happens when speaking, check to make sure your microphone is correctly set up. If you are using a laptop, you likely have a built in microphone which will be the default source.

When finished, Google searches for what you said, and if you asked a question Google can speak the answer to you, like on a mobile device.

Voice search – always listening

Google Now Chrome voice search

Although interesting, it’s not fully hands free. You will still need to click on a button prior to speaking your search. However, there is an extension called Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta) that allows you to skip that step too.

With the extension, you will only be able to use the always listening feature directly from Google.com. When you have the page open, say ‘OK Google’ and then begin stating your search. It’s possible this feature is expanded later on, as Google may be using the extension for testing.

Another cool thing that Chrome has integrated is the Google Now notifications. You can get these in the notification center for Chrome. Keep in mind, this only works if you also use Google Now on your mobile device too.

Google Now voice search in Chrome

By clicking on the notification icon you will get a similar Google Now notification that you get on your mobile device, including directions to locations, current location’s weather, package tracking, flight info, sports scores, etc. All of these notifications are connected to the Google account used to log in, so you should make sure to use the correct account for desktop and mobile device.

To make these features even better, they are available for use within the current version of Chrome. This means you do not have to download or install anything extra to make it work. However, it is not as powerful as other places because there are Google Now cards that are not available at this time, meaning you’re not able to use the Google Voice Search feature to conduct system wide actions, like on a mobile device.

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