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How to disable Flash

Learn How to Disable and Uninstall Flash in Any Browser

There has been a leak recently that Adobe’s Flash plug-in is not the only one out there! Apparently, there is a Flash Player O-day, this is not the same as Adobe’s Flash plug-in. The Adobe Flash plug-in that you can trust has a large target painted on it. The Flash Player O-day will let attackers compromise your precious computer (and apparently has been selling for the past four years).

If you have this so called Flash Player you need to uninstall, the sooner the better. We need to get rid of this preposterous Flash as it is giving the great Adobe a bead rep. Listen up; you can get rid of this Flash.

Flash vulnerabilites

Disabling Flash

Flash is not really all that necessary, less so than ever now. Mobile platforms such as Apple’s iOS and Android are considered to be the more modern of platforms but these are not offering Flash support, not any. For that reason, Flash is gradually being shoved off the web. A lot of people find that once they install Flash they really didn’t need it at all. Those who do use their Flash now more than likely will not be needing it in a few years to come.

Besides, if you did decide to use it somewhere down the road you can reinstall it to your computer again. When you do want to use Flash it may be best if it was designated to be used with a particular browser, disabling it in the browser you mainly use. If nothing else at least enable, click-to-run to use content with Flash to keep it from running on the web pages visited a lot.

How to disable Flash

Adobe Flash

If you use Chrome, you may already know that it comes with a bundled Flash plug-in for all the platforms that it supports. To disable this at anytime you can do that in the Chrome’s settings. Remember, any PPAPI Flash plug-ins you have installed system wide will also be used by Chrome. In order to disable this, you must plug chrome plug-ins in the Google Chrome’s location bar, then press Enter. Now click on the Disable link located under below the Adobe Flash Player plug-in.

Beginning with Windows 8, now you can get bundles with Microsoft as they are now offering Flash bundling plug-ins and are included with Windows. It can be used on Windows 8 and 8.1, and also with Windows 10, by Internet Explorers different browsers.

If you have a modern version of Windows, which is Internet Explorer and you would like to disable the Flash plug-in that is built into it click on the gear menu then select Manage add-ons. Now you need to find the Shockwave Flash Object, which can be found under Microsoft Windows 3rd Party App Component, then select it and click on disable. You are also able to disable the Flash plug-in that is built into Microsoft through their group policy.

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